The Right Catalogue Design Makes All the Difference!

Contrary to what you may have heard, catalogues remain a solid way to boost a company’s marketing initiatives. Catalogue design has evolved to meet the inspirations of 21st century marketing and design, with layouts so unique and visually stunning they are worthy of being called authentic art.

Catalogue design – and its cousin, brochure design – remain two of the most powerful tools in your marketing kit for spreading the word about your products, services, and your brand.

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The well-rendered Catalogue design frequently finds a place on a home’s coffee table.

It sticks around for weeks – sometimes months – after the initial sale, catching the eye of the homeowner’s family and guests. When a catalogue design is done right, it inspires consumer fantasies about the items on the pages. Customers say to friends and family, “Hey, look at this!” Those friends and family trade and share the catalog or brochure that most excites their imagination. It sends them scurrying to the laptop or phone to order. In other words, the beautifully crafted brochure or catalog design turns your customer into one of your best advertising tools.

Understanding Your Catalogue’s Product Focus, Design Size, and Format

Every product you sell should be given the space they need to catch the attention of the potential buyer. When creating your catalogue design, make its size is large enough to properly display all your products or services.

But your catalogue design should have one or two prominent points of focus, as well. Put thought into which of your products or services are your most important. For some product or service types, a thematic thread running through your brochure or Catalogue design may just the ticket.

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